Trey Campbell, better known by his stage name Wild Wes, is an American rapper who is a member of and was once an executive of Icy Records.

He is known by many names like the Midwesta, Westimate, and Wanakin Weswalker.

Career Edit

Wes started his career in October 2018 by releasing the single Do It from his debut mixtape Wild Wes. On March 1st of 2019, he signed to the record label Flex Entertainment.

In February of 2019, he released Wild Wes. (the self-titled mixtape) In the beginning of April of 2019, Wild Wes released BeWilderness, the EP and the Mixtape and then Wild Wes 2 in the same month. The tapes were met with negative reviews, with some mixed.

For his debut studio album The New Funk, Wes released 2 singles, Sam's Diss featuring Lil Smardy, & New Funk. After dropping We're Just Getting Started & You Know Why, he released The New Funk in late May 2019. A deluxe edition followed in early June 2019.

After releasing a compilation album & the mixtape with older and new songs, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Wes released the single I'm Bringin' It featuring CRZFawkz as the lead single to his second album, Bringdawildback. After dropping a few more singles, he released Bringdawildback in mid-August 2019. After that, he released another mixtape titled Wildimatic. Around this time, Wild Wes also released a mixtape under the name Westimate. He regrets making it.

After releasing several singles in September & October 2019, Wes released his third studio album The New Funk 2 late October 2019. The album was criticized for it's long length and it's huge tracklist, as well as sounding pretty much the same as his previous work.

In late November 2019, Wes dropped another album titled W.I.L.D Wes, (not to be confused with his self-titled mixtape), which has the best score of any of his albums on music review site Album of The Year, which is where most of his reception comes from. W.I.L.D Wes is also said to be his best album.

In December 2019, he founded the label Icy Records with MC Icy & E.M.B.E.E, and later in the month he dropped a single and music video titled One For Da Ages, (Now deleted, although reuploaded) which was also critically panned for sounding like his older work and for it's poorly shot music video.

On February 19th, 2019, Wild Wes has stated he has quit music, (or supposedly) however Tracks For Da Ages was released on March 6th, 2020. It features One For Da Ages, despite it being removed from YouTube.

Tracks For Da Ages is considered to be one of the worst albums of all time. Wild Wes regrets making the album.

On March 16th, 2020, nearly a month after his retirement, he released a single titled New Ice which garnered way better reviews then Wild Wes usually gets. New Ice was also made to end the Flex Entertainment beef which was going on at the time. He then released a mixtape featuring New Ice titled Resurrection, which included a guest appearance from Canadian rapper CRZFawkz.

Wild Wes will release his sixth studio album, Flood Warning, on July 10th of 2020.

Reception Edit

Just about every single project Wild Wes has released was panned by critics alike on AlbumOfTheYear and RateYourMusic. Wild Wes is well aware that his projects aren't good. He decided to go in a different direction and make trap music instead of boom bap.

However, his single New Ice was very well received, and was considered a huge improvement from his previous work. His next single, Racks On Me, was also met with much more positive reviews on AlbumOfTheYear. Chasin' Bucks is considered to be one of the best Wild Wes songs to date.

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

  • The New Funk (2019)
  • Bringdawildback (2019)
  • The New Funk 2 (2019)
  • W.I.L.D Wes (2019)
  • Tracks For Da Ages (2020)
  • Flood Warning (TBA)

Mixtapes Edit

  • Wild Wes (2019)
  • BeWilderness (2019)
  • Wild Wes 2 (2019)
  • Wild Wes 3 (2019)
  • Wildimatic (2019)
  • Gotta Lotta Dat (2019)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed (2019)
  • Trust Issues (2019)
  • Resurrection (2020)

EPs Edit

  • Itz A Wild World (2019)
  • BeWilderness (2019)
  • Y'all Know (2019)
  • Y'all Know 2 (2019)
  • Y'all Know 3 (2019)
  • Y'all Know 4 (deleted) (2019)
  • House Trap (deleted) (2019)

Compilations Edit

  • Happy Birthday Wild Wes (2019)

Singles Edit

  • Do It
  • Itz Wild Wes In Da House
  • I Don't Want Money
  • Back On Track
  • Not A Boss
  • Sam's Diss
  • New Funk
  • We're Just Gettin' Started
  • You Know Why
  • I'll Be Back
  • Weird Flex But Okay
  • I Be Lit
  • Jumping Them Off
  • Hold On
  • Armadillo
  • Failin'
  • I'm Bringin' It
  • Something Ya Won't Understand
  • Can't Trust Ya
  • False Claims
  • Bring It Back
  • Write It Down
  • Reign
  • Tell It Ta 'Em
  • Bring The World Back
  • Return Of Tha Funk
  • Got Drip
  • Real Tip
  • No Way
  • One For Da Ages
  • New Ice
  • Racks On Me
  • Run It Back
  • Chasin' Bucks
  • Out My Face

Features Edit

  • Haters Back Off by CRZFawkz (2019)
  • Not Alive (Mega Remix) by EmBee (ft. Young Seagull, Water Wake, CRZFawkz and Wild Wes) (2020)
  • Sippin' (Remix) by EmBee (ft. Wild Wes) (TBA)
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