Ricardo Di Cocco (born January 5th, 2009), better known as Voda Wakeis an Italian rapper on Icy Records.

In 2017, he made a 10 track demo called Minor Rap that consisted of remixes of Eminem songs, but sadly he lost the CD with all the tracks on it.

In 2020, he signed to Icy Records, and has released his debut album Ricky The Kid in April that year. 

In 2020 he also formed the collective Penis Gang with CRZFawkz, Interbrain, Lil PP, J1D, & Yung Lasagna. Their debut album PEEN/11 is planned to drop the same year.  


French Fries started his career with the name RICK-Y, and in 2016 he formed a group with his 3 friends called Tempura Boy$. Sadly, they only made 3 songs because one of the members had to move to another house in another country
After the group was over, he went on a hiatus, and in 2018 he came back with the name Mini-Mix making a now lost EP and a compilation called SHIT MIXTAPE VOL 1.
In 2019, he changed his name to Lil French Fries,and started making meme music. He changed his name to Voda Wake, and started working on his debut album, Ricky The Kid. The album then released in April 2020, but a deluxe released the next month.


Albums Edit

  • Ricky The Kid (2020)

Demos Edit

  • Minor Rap (2017, unreleased)
  • I WANT DIE (2019, unreleased)


  • NEW BUTT (New Body Remix) (2019)
  • POO POO PEE PEE (2020)
  • Mangio La Merda (2020)
  • Uga Buga (feat. Lil Tax Fraud & Lil Toy Yoda) (2020)

Features Edit

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