MC Icy is the debut self-titled studio album by MC Icy, released under Icy Records on November 3rd, 2019. It contains the singles Prelude, Rap Went To Crap, Life Ain't A Movie Script, & more. 


The lead single & second single, Prelude & Rap Went To Crap respectively, were released in late July 2019. The third single Put 'Da Mic Down! was released in July 2019 as well as a Submarine Man Diss Track. The fourth single Life Ain't A Movie Script, was released in late August 2019. The fifth single Closing The Casket, also a Submarine Man diss, was released in September 2019. Riveting featuring artist Daptain Planet was released as a single to Spotify in 2020, later becoming his most successful track not counting Soundcloud or YouTube streams to date. 

Tracklisting Edit

  1. Public Service Announcement (Skit)
  2. Prelude
  3. Rap Went to Crap
  4. Life Ain't a Movie Script
  5. Put Da' Mic Down!
  6. Riveting (featuring Daptain Planet)
  7. The New Me
  8. Closing The Casket
  9. Bars You Lack
  10. Don’t Cha’ Know (with Wild Wes)
  11. What's Next
  12. Final Thoughts (Skit)


The production on the album was handled by primarily MC Icy, but also Pandemic King, IMMORTAL Beats, (Closing The Casket), Wild Wes, (Don't Cha' Know) & One Eyed Gangster. (Bars You Lack)


On music review website Album of The Year, the album is currently sitting a 25% score based on 10 ratings. Music reviewer TheDankestMeme said it sounds like "PolitikZ from Filthy Frank made an album". Flex Entertainment Exec Beetlebat gave it a 30, saying that "the vocal quality is pretty poor throughout the project. There are some listenable tracks, just a bit boring." 

After the negative reception towards his self-titled, Icy is striving the make his second album The Drawing Board much better. 

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