Isaak Clarkson, better known as his stage name MC Icy, is an American rapper who is the founder of Icy Records.

Career Edit

Icy started his career in July 2019, with a Submarine Man diss track, titled "Don't Dr. Seuss It". After he released his diss, he released 2 more songs in the same month, "Prelude" and "Rap Went To Crap". At the end of July, he released another Submarine Man Diss, titled, "Put Da Mic Down!", which is a remade version of "Don't Dr. Seuss It". Later in August, he released "Life Ain't A Movie Script", & "MEME Rap". The second song mentioned is a joke song that makes fun of meme / Plotagon artists, with the accompanying music video actually being made in Plotagon.

In September 2019, Icy released a song featuring"Flex Entertainment Executive Lil Flexer, called "Flexing Ice", in which the Flexer verse is not original and actually taken straight from his 2019 Flex Gang Freshman Freestyle. Due to Icy using this verse without Flexer's permission, Flexer contacted Icy, insisting for him to fully remove the song from all platforms. Icy responded by doing so, however the song did stay on Deezer for a bit of time after that. In addition to removing the track, Icy also made a now unlisted apology video. After this video, Icy revealed that he merely just made the track to test recording in Audacity, but ended up actually releasing it as well. Despite Flexer subliminally dissing Icy in his song "Memes, Pt. 2" with Submarine Man, Flexer and Icy have since squashed their short-lived beef and now both reside and talk together in the Flex Entertainment Fan Discord Server.

At the end of September 2019, Icy released the third and last Submarine Man diss track, titled, "Closing The Casket". Since the tracks were released, Icy has since squashed the beef with all of Flex Entertainment, including Submarine Man.

In early November 2019, MC Icy released his debut self-titled album, MC Icy (album). The album includes every song he had released thus far, minus "Don't Dr. Seuss It", "MEME RAP", and obviously "Flexing Ice" featuring Lil Flexer as well. The album was met with mixed to negative reviews, with many criticizing the record due to it being a bad attempt at conscious rap. Due to the criticism, MC Icy has since said that his upcoming second album, The Drawing Board, will be far better than his self-titled.

In late November 2019, after releasing a cover of Eminem's Role Model, MC Icy released the song Newcomers featuring E.M.B.E.E, as a response to the subliminal disses towards himself (as well as E.M.B.E.E) in Memes, Pt. 2 by Lil Flexer featuring Submarine Man. It serves at the lead single to his second studio album, The Drawing Board. He later released more songs, Talent 2, and a cover of Deazy Treez's Flexxxin'.

In February 2020, he released his first song of the year, Real Hip-Hop, as a satirical diss of mumble rap. Being produced by E.M.B.E.E, the song makes fun of other songs satirically and non-satirically dissing mumble rap, mostly Politikz's Real Hip-Hop, & GAWNE's Death to Mumble Rap. The accompanying music video features Icy running around in a Roblox game killing other players and driving a car. It is meant to be taken as a joke and most probably will not be featured on The Drawing Board.

On March 10th, He released his album, The Drawing Board onto SoundCloud, It recieved Mixed-to-Positive reviews from audiences, Being cited as an improvement from his debut album.

On April 16th MC Icy announced he would go inactive for a month.

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

Singles Edit

Single Name Release Year Icy Records Top 30 Peak Certifications
Put Da' Mic Down 2019 Did Not Chart YT: 1x Bronze
Prelude YT: 1x Plastic
Rap Went To Crap 2 YT: 3x Plastic
Life Ain't A Movie Script Did Not Chart YT: 2x Plastic
MEME RAP YT: 7x Plastic
Newcomers (feat. E.M.B.E.E) SC: 3x Plastic

YT: 5x Plastic

Talent 2 YT: 3x Plastic
Flowin (with E.M.B.E.E) 2020 No Certifications
Riveting (feat. Daptain Planet) 2019 (on MC Icy)
2020 (as single)
1 SP: 2x Bronze

SC: 1x Plastic

Keep It Real 2020 Did Not Chart SC: 1x Plastic
Suicide (feat. Lil Toy Yoda) YT: 3x Plastic
Ain't No Capper 17 SP: 1x Bronze

SC: 1x Bronze

Trivia Edit

  • He is an asexual.
  • He has stated before that his influences are Eminem, Canibus, Big Lurch, Gangsta Pat, C-Murder, Nas, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, & Ice Cube.
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