$ountrax, alternatively known as YNW $melly, is a record producer who is signed to Icy Records. He was tempted to start his music career ever since he made ear piercing sounds with the flute in his 2016 music class. He was in the 4th grade back then.

Songs Edit

His debut studio album "Sounds Of The World" is on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes, Youtube Music, and Deezer.

Commercial Success Edit

E.M.B.E.E is imported his album to musical managment companies and they distribute $oundtrax's album to stores. So far not many know him. However this page is the 1st result if you search "$oundtrax" or go here[1]

Reception Edit

He has been deemed a decent artist by 6 people. $oundtrax went bragging about it but that was just stupid. In general people receive him as a clown for constantly bringing up dogboy and aggravating or in some cases driving users crazy. He got kicked from the Flex Entertainment discord server which was no surprise. He has a 71 on AOTY.

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